BTS Perform ‘Butter’ And Introduce A Bunch Of New Hand Gestures On ‘The Late Show’

It’s been a big past few years for BTS, but the past few days have been especially eventful. Last week, they debuted “Butter” and broke a YouTube premiere record. Over the weekend, they performed the track at the Billboard Music Awards. This morning, their new McDonald’s meal began its global rollout. Hours before that, they were on The Late Show last night, where they made multiple marks on the show.

On the program, the group gave “Butter” it’s debut late-night TV performance, delivering impressive and energetic choreography on an opulent ballroom set.

Elsewhere on the show, they also joined Stephen Colbert for a skit. Ahead of the sketch, BTS began by reminding viewers of the group’s influence, which includes popularizing a “heart fingers” hand gesture, which is made by crossing one’s index finger and thumb to form a heart shape. From there, BTS introduced a number of new hand gestures, including a few other anatomical ones inspired by kidneys and long intestines. One of the gestures actually summons Colbert, much to his disappointment considering he had to hop on a 16-hour flight to South Korea. They also came up with a gesture based on “Butter,” which looks like spreading a pat of it on a piece of toast.

Watch BTS’ “Butter” performance and their hand gestures sketch above.