BTS’ Suga Took Some Shots And Discussed His Love For Basketball During His First Solo Late-Night Talk

Last night (May 1), Suga appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote both his recently-released album as Agust D, titled D-Day, and the connecting Disney+ documentary, Road To D-Day. It marked the singer’s first late-night appearance without his BTS bandmates according to Billboard.

During the interview, he spoke to Fallon about past aspects of his resume, including his time working as a food delivery driver. “I was very good at it,” Suga said. “I was good at driving.”

As a newly-named NBA ambassador, Suga also discussed his love for basketball. “When the NBA first called me, I wasn’t sure why they called. Why would they need an ambassador? Isn’t the NBA more famous than myself,” he responded, launching into wanting to be a pro player when he was younger. “But I wasn’t tall enough.”

Because of this, he’s also recognized himself as the best player in BTS. (Suga’s stage name also comes from “shooting guard.”)

“Are you kidding me?” he said. “I don’t think any of the other members know the basketball rules.”

To close out their talk, Suga took a shot with Fallon, given he talked about his tradition of taking one of whiskey before every show. Later in the episode, Suga also performed his recent single, “Haegeum,” and played the Imposter Challenge — where they eat two identical things and one is gross.

Check out Suga’s full interview, game, and “Haegeum” performance from The Tonight Show above.