Charlie Puth Dreads The Dating Game On His New Single, ‘I Don’t Think That I Like Her’

Just weeks away from his third studio album, Charlie, Charlie Puth has released a new single to accompany his slew of scandalous selfies. In his latest, “I Don’t Think That I Like Her,” Puth laments the ennui of the dating cycle.

He details the process of infatuation upon meeting someone for the first time: “Get her name and get her number / Find out all of the things that we have in common / Look for all the differences.”

In the chorus, Travis Barker breaks it down on the drums, as Puth sings, “I don’t think that I like her anymore / ‘Cuz they’re all the same / They just wanna see me fall apart.”

By the time he gets to the bridge, Puth reluctantly admits regret for pushing a certain lady to the side, singing, “Damn it, I miss her / Because she’s one of a kind / Finally the stars are aligning / But it’s just bad timing.”

Puth closes out the song singing the chorus with a triumphant key change, showcasing his incredible register.

Check out “I Don’t Think That I Like Her” above.

Charlie is out 10/7 via Atlantic. Pre-save it here

Charlie Puth is a Warner Music artist. .