Christine And The Queens Sings ‘People, I’ve Been Sad’ From An Elegant Museum On ‘Corden’

Christine And The Queens has remained highly prolific while in lockdown over the past few months. To fill her time, the singer has offered an array of covers to some of her favorite songs, like Travis Scott’s “Highest In The Room” and The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights.” But now that Paris has started to reopen, the singer can expand her music beyond the confines of her apartment.

For her recent performance on The Late Late Show With James Corden, Christine brought her La Vita Nuova song “People, I’ve Been Sad” to the Museum of Fine Arts in Paris. Amid picturesque statues, the singer delicately delivered a rendition of the track.

Speaking about the song with Corden ahead of her performance, Christine said she wrote “People, I’ve Been Sad” shortly after her mother passed away:

“The song caught me by surprise. Almost every day I write and it’s like flexing a muscle to me. But that song really caught me by surprise. You can’t really overthink when you write and you really spill your guts. It was a difficult time in my life when I wrote that song, it was in April 2019. I had just lost my mom and I was going through a really rough patch and I thought I was coping. And then I sat down to write and the first words I wrote were, ‘It’s true that people, I’ve been sad.’ And then you just have to be brutally honest, and the song is just amending it. I think it’s really humbling because it commands honesty and it started the whole process of the EP, which is very cathartic for an EP. It was a bit like it addresses pain but with theatricality.”

Watch Christine And The Queens on The Late Late Show With James Corden above.

La Vita Nuova is out now via Because. Get it here.