Conan Gray Releases The Electrifying ‘Jigsaw,’ His First New Music Of 2022

Following the raving success of his debut album Kid Krow, Conan Gray is beginning to build the pieces of what comes next. Already scheduled to play at Coachella, today he just shared the new track, “Jigsaw,” his first music of 2022. It comes shortly before he’s set to embark on the “Conan Gray World Tour 2022” on March 1st.

“Jigsaw” is an electric tune from the pop star about being comfortable in one’s own skin. The guitar takes many shapes on the song and it’s a bombastic first entry of the year for Gray following last year’s singles “Telepath,” “Astronomy,” and “People Watching.

He shared a statement on the meaning behind the song:

“I wrote jigsaw originally as a bit of a diary entry rant for myself. I’d spent my entire life contorting myself and changing everything I used to be in order to make everybody happy. I was so used to trying to please everyone that, when it came to love, I started to do the same. I thought maybe if I dress a certain way, act a certain way, do my hair the way you’ll like, then maybe you’ll finally love me. It didn’t work, obviously. By the end of it all it I ended up looking in the mirror and barely recognizing my rearranged and twisted reflection. I hope that jigsaw is a bit of a warning to people. That destroying yourself to win somebody’s love will only leave you empty on the other side. Because in the end, that person won’t love you, just the version of you that you made for them. Instead choose to become somebody that you love.”

Listen to “Jigsaw” above.