Conan Gray’s New Single ‘Telepath’ Predicts A Fickle Lover Will Be Back

Right on the heels of announcing a massive 2022 world tour, Conan Gray is back with another beloved pop banger. The Gen Z star, who has been effusive in his praise for Taylor Swift, like any good Gen Z songwriter, is back on his upbeat anthem tip today. After his latest single, the gently vulnerable “People Watching,” this new one, which is called “Telepath,” is much more in line with another early 2021 track called “Overdrive.” Although, that song was a loved up, blissful ode to falling in love, and this one is about the predictability of getting dumped.

Written with Julia Michaels, Ilya, and Caroline Ailin, “Telepath” fights back against the casual cruelty of being dumped, predicting that the fickle lover will be back for more very soon. Last year, Gray released his debut album, Kid Krow, just before the pandemic rearranged life as we know it, especially for touring musicians. And despite the constantly shifting environment, Gray has steadily released hit after hit since the record dropped. When we spoke about his career for a profile piece last year, though, Gray admitted he’s still a little bit in shock about how things turned out. “I would tell seven-year-old Conan that he successfully tricked millions of people into thinking that he was good at writing songs,” he laughed, thinking of what he would say to his past self. “I’d be like, ‘You did it, you did it! You tricked them.’ But I think I’m still very much in a state of wanting to do a good job, you never know when things like this will disappear.”

Well, based on this latest single, that definitely won’t be anytime soon. Check it out above.