Demi Lovato Tells Justin Bieber He Inspired Her During Her Recovery While Hosting ‘Ellen’

Demi Lovato is getting ready to launch her own talk show, Pillow Talk With Demi Lovato. So, when Ellen DeGeneres wasn’t able to host today’s episode of Ellen, Lovato was a natural choice to fill her seat for a day (especially since she was just there). During the show, she chatted with frequent Ellen guest Justin Bieber and opened up to him about how he inspired her during her relapse and recovery.

Lovato noted how both she and Bieber started in the music industry as kids and eventually experienced personal struggles, and said, “I know for me and my experience, when I struggled last year, I know I looked at you as an inspiration because you’ve been through this and you’ve come out of the other side, and I really admired the man that you are today.”

Bieber thanked Lovato for the kind words and then playfully suggested they steer the conversation in a lighter direction, to the agreement of Lovato.

Elsewhere on the show, Bieber played a game: If he was able to successfully roll a ball through a hole across the room, everybody in the studio audience would get tickets to an upcoming Bieber concert. Sure enough, Bieber showed off his athletic prowess and pulled through for everybody (after slightly rigging the game).

Watch clips from the episode above and below.