Did Jack Antonoff Work On Taylor Swift’s ‘The Tortured Poets Department?’

Taylor Swift’s The Tortured Poets Department is set to drop on April 19. In the lead-up, it remains to be seen who Swift collaborated with on the project, and it seems like Jack Antonoff is not all that interested in talking about it.

Did Jack Antonoff Work With Taylor Swift On The Tortured Poets Department?

In a recent interview with Dutch newspaper NRC, Antonoff reportedly responded “irritably” when asked if he worked on Tortured Poets, saying (translated from Dutch via ChatGPT), “You know I don’t talk about that. If you’re looking for clickbait, you’ve come to the wrong place. Thanks for this conversation.” The publication relays he then hung up the phone.

So, as of March 26, it’s not clear if Antonoff worked on the new album.

Earlier in the interview, Antonoff was asked about how his work with Bleachers differs from producing for Swift or Lana Del Rey, and he said (translated via ChatGPT), “I don’t see it as producing. I create music with my friends. It comes as it comes. I’m not the kind of producer to bark commands from behind a mixing board. I involve myself in the music itself; the way you can steer the creative process. Success is a peculiar phenomenon. It distracts from the ordinary mechanisms that lead to good pop music. Being able to listen to each other well is one thing. The artists I work with trust that I can help them make their music better.”

Check out the full interview here.