Jerrod Carmichael Jokes He’s Taylor Swift’s ‘Best Friend,’ Even If The Feeling Isn’t Reciprocated

A while after comedian Jerrod Carmichael appeared alongside Taylor Swift at a Kansas City Chiefs game, he has now opened up about how close exactly the two are… Or rather, how their friendship might be a little one-sided, although he has high hopes.

During his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Carmichael was asked about the photo and what Swift was like.

“Taylor Swift’s my best friend,” Carmichael shared, putting the emphasis on best. “Like, I’m not her best friend, but she’s my best friend.” The audience then bursts out laughing.

“Can you think of a better friend to have than Taylor Swift?” he added, asking Kimmel directly. “I called my former best friend and I was like, ‘You’re out. Taylor’s in. You never invited me on a jet to your game.’”

Carmichael then praises her seriously, pointing out that he thinks the pop star is “smart and interesting.” Kimmel then tries to clarify a bit more about how he got an invite to the Chiefs game with her.

“I won’t even get top-billing!” Carmichael joked about the news coverage of it. “It’ll say: ‘Taylor Swift: Jerrod Carmichael’s Best Friend?’ Don’t do that to me, it’s gotta be something else. I do love her though.”

For those looking to see more of Carmichael’s work, his upcoming reality show drops on HBO next week.

Check out the clip of Jerrod Carmichael talking about Taylor Swift and their Chiefs outing above around the 9:10 minute mark.