Did Taylor Swift Have Another ‘Speak Now’ Easter Egg At 2022 AMAs?

Taylor Swift made a recent appearance at the 2022 American Music Awards over the weekend with a look that got fans talking — for several reasons. Trading in her signature straight hair, Swift opted for large, ’70s-inspired curls reminiscent of her early country career. Many fans believe this was a conscious choice as yet another Easter egg for Speak Now being next in line for her re-recorded albums.

Sure, she might have just released her tenth studio album, Midnights. That hasn’t stopped the pop star from teasing fans about what’s next. In the music video for Swift’s “Bejeweled,” she drops countless hints at Speak Now. An album era that was notoriously light purple, Swift pushes the corresponding color in the elevator. Not only that, but the color palette matches perfectly with her current record sequence.

With thirteen numbers on the elevator, the order ends with a mysterious second purple button. Given Red (Taylor’s Version) and Fearless (Taylor’s Version) are both accounted for at buttons ten and eleven (ahead of Midnights), it seems clear what’s coming next.

Fans also focused on Swift’s earrings from the AMAs, which were a pair of swords — and might be a reference to a lyric from the Speak Now song “Mean.”

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