Ed Sheeran Has Seen Too Many Movies Where AI Destroys Humanity To Get On Board With Artificial Intelligence

Musicians have had mixed opinions on artificial intelligence. Grimes is all in, Lil Wayne isn’t intimidated, and now Ed Sheeran has spoken about not quite being on board.

Of what he’s planning for the release of his next project to look like, Sheeran said in a new interview with Audacy, “I’m planning an interesting rollout of it. I feel like… I don’t understand the music [industry]… every time I work out the music industry, it changes, so I kind of want to do my own thing rather than try to do the traditional thing. So the next thing that comes out will be something that hasn’t been done before, I guess.”

That provided a transition to AI, about which Sheeran said, “What I don’t understand about AI is like, for the last 60 years, Hollywood movies have been telling you, ‘Don’t do it,’ and now everyone’s doing it. Have you not seen the movies where they kill us all? I just don’t know why you need it. […] If you’re taking a job away from a human being, I think that’s probably a bad thing, because then the world is just going to be… the whole point of society is we all do jobs. If everything is done by robots, everyone’s gonna be out of work. I just find AI a bit weird. But, you know… ChatGPT, f*ckin’ why not?”

Check out the interview above.

Ed Sheeran is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.