Ellie Goulding Previews Her Fourth Album By Finding A Sense Of ‘Power’ In A Home-Recorded Video

It’s been five years since Ellie Goulding released her third studio record Delirium, and this February marked the 10-year anniversary of her break-out debut Lights. While Goulding has put out a few tracks in the years since her last release, her new single “Power” marks the UK singer’s triumphant return.

For the track’s accompanying visual, Goulding sought directorial help via FaceTime from creative duo Imogen Snell and Riccardo Castan, who has also worked with the likes of Madonna and The xx. Shot in isolation, the “Power” visual is Goulding at her most vulnerable yet, featuring montages of blurred selfie videos and an intimate peek into her home.

While Goulding has yet to reveal concrete details about her upcoming release, the singer offers a glimpse into her forthcoming full-length effort with the single. “Power” previews her fourth album through bright tones and her far-reaching, saccharine vocals which can be distinctly heard on her recent Blackbear collaboration “Worry About Me.”

In a statement alongside the single, Goulding said she wrote the single as a reflection on dynamics she’s experienced in modern relationships: “I wanted to release this song off my upcoming album as a preview into the world my new album is in! ‘Power’ is about relationships in the 21st century, how they can now be dictated by social media, superficiality and material things. Dating can sometimes start out with lies or embellishments. The girl in the song is disillusioned by love and the cruel, good looking, self-obsessed people she keeps ending up with.”

Watch the “Power” video above.