Labrinth Is Releasing The ‘Euphoria’ Season 2 Score As An Album With Dominic Fike, Zendaya, And Angus Cloud

If you’re already missing Euphoria, you won’t have to wait much longer to revisit your favorite cast. This time, though, it’ll be in the form of music: Later this month, Labrinth, who produces and composes the music for the show, will release the score for Season 2 as an album.

While the tracklist mostly consists of instrumental tracks played in the scenes of the show, it includes several fan-favorite songs, like Zendaya’s version of Labrinth’s “I’m Tired” and “Elliot’s Song” by Dominic Fike, Zendaya, and Labrinth.

“I have Angus [Cloud, who plays Fezco on Euphoria] doing vocals on a song,” Labrinth said in an Instagram post. “You’re getting ‘Skeletons,’ and all the others you wanted. I want to thank all of you for making this music come alive much more than I could ever imagine. You make the work I put into creating even more worth the love and the grind. This is a big part of how I make music now all because of you.”

Check out the tracklist below.

1. Labrinth — “The Angels”
2. Labrinth — “I’m Tired (Long Version)”
3. Labrinth — “ICE (We Should Do Drugs)”
4. Labrinth — “See You Assholes Later”
5. Labrinth — “She Certainly Looks The Part”
6. Labrinth — “Dracula (Nate Sees Cassie)”
7. Labrinth — “Skeletons (Lexi Needed A Break)”
8. Labrinth — “Putting Everything Away”
9. Labrinth and Angus Cloud — “Fez’s Interlude”
10. Labrinth — “El Weirdo (I Relapsed)”
11. Labrinth — “This Is Life”
12. Labrinth — “Every Second Counts”
13. Labrinth — “Truth Or Dare”
14. Labrinth — “Washing Off The Blood”
15. Dominic Fike, Zendaya, and Labrinth — “Elliot’s Song”
16. Labrinth — “I Don’t Know If I’m A Good Person”
17. Labrinth — “Love Is Complicated (The Angels Sing)”
18. Labrinth — “Fun At The Alley”
19. Labrinth — “Sidekicks Are Smarter”
20. Labrinth — “Pros & Cons”
21. Labrinth — “At Least I’m Loved”
22. Labrinth and Zendaya — “Rue’s I’m Tired”
23. Labrinth — “Mount Everest (Bonus Track)”
24. Labrinth and Zendaya — “I’m Tired”

Euphoria Season 2 Official Score is out 4/22 via Columbia. Pre-save it here.