HBO Claims ‘Euphoria’ Is Their Second Most-Watched Show After ‘Game Of Thrones’

Everyone expected a wild show starring Zendaya to do well, but Euphoria is doing even better than expected. Despite being a frequent downer, exploring the turbulent lives of high schoolers, some of them struggling with addiction issues, the show is so popular not even the Super Bowl affected its ratings. Soon after learning that it’s the most tweeted-about show on television, there’s this: HBO is claiming its their second most-watched show after no less than Game of Thrones.

This comes from Variety, which reported HBO’s claim that the second season of Euphoria has averaged 16.3 million viewers, which is the premium network’s best since that show one of its actors said was simply about “t*ts and dragons.” Sunday night’s season finale was able to draw in 6.6 million viewers during its actual live airing alone — a series best.

The show, obviously, will be back for more. A third season was recently greenlit, with hopes that it will start shooting later this year, the schedules of Zendaya and breakout star Sydney Sweeney depending. Still, the gap between the second and third seasons will likely be shorter than the one between one and two, which was delayed due to the onset of the pandemic. In the meantime, keep those fan theories coming.

(Via Variety)