Finneas Captures The Intimate Moments Of Tour Life In His New Video For ‘Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa’

Finneas is having a big year. On top of winning an Oscar with his sister, Billie Eilish, for Best Original Song for No Time To Die, he appears to be launching a new musical era. The producer, songwriter, and singer has just released a new song called “Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa.”

On the punchy, percussion-driven track, he revels in spending time with his girlfriend, actress Claudia Sulewski, singing “she could be the Mona Lisa, if the Mona Lisa had a prettier face.”

Finneas announced the single last week, sharing album artwork featuring a distorted version of the iconic Mona Lisa portrait.

“The artwork is a painting by the incredible Gus Van Sant that he gave me before he even knew I had a song named after the Mona Lisa,” said Finneas in an Instagram post. “So cool and such an honor to have this piece of art as the cover for my song.”

The song’s accompanying video, directed by Claudia Sulewski, consists of footage of Finneas and Sulewski laying in bed, exploring different cities, and sampling ice cream in between stops on Eilish’s worldwide tour.

In addition to new music of his own, Finneas has also composed the score for B.J. Novak’s upcoming workplace comedy film, Vengeance, which hits theaters on July 29.

Check out “Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa” above.