Florence And The Machine Releases ‘Heaven Is Here’ With A ‘Monstrous’ Video Filmed In Kyiv

With the second Florence And The Machine song release in as many weeks, Florence Welch is taking a forceful look at femininity. Whereas “King” looked lyrically at shattering traditional female roles, the newly-release “Heaven Is Here” doubles down with a furiously choreographed video featuring a cast of talented women that was filmed in the Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv.

“‘Heaven Is Here’ was the first song I wrote in lockdown after an extended period of not being able to get to the studio,” Welch explained in a statement. “I wanted to make something monstrous. And this clamour of joy, fury and grief was the first thing that came out. With dance studios also shut it was my dream to one day create choreography with it. So it’s one of the first pieces of music I have made specifically with contemporary dance in mind.”

Recorded in Kyiv in November of 2021, the video sees Welch flanked by a group of dancers in a studio in the currently war-torn city. The way they enact the impassioned dance (choreographed by Ryan Heffington) is equally as affecting as Welch’s lyrics: “More catholic taste than the Devil, all gilded and golden. Yes, I’m your girl. Hell, if it glitters, I’m going.” It’s the second Florence And The Machine video in a row directed by Autumn de Wilde.

Welch explained in an Instagram post that two of the dancers are actually sheltering in Kyiv right now. “To my brave and beautiful sisters Maryne and Anastasiia. I love you. I wish I could put my arms around you. Strength,” she said in the caption. She also shared a link to support Ukraine via Rescue.org.

Watch the video for “Heaven Is Here” above.