Gracie Abrams Screamed With Taylor Swift And Noah Kahan Over All Their Well-Deserved Grammy Nominations

Today, nominations for the 2024 Grammy Awards were unveiled, and many musicians were thrilled to find out they received their first nod(s) from the Recording Academy. One of these was Gracie Abrams, who shared in a new interview with Billboard how exactly she found out — as she was texting some other famous names to support them.

Abrams, given the fact that she previously opened for Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour, was texting the pop star to discuss the nominations. She was also chatting with fellow Best New Artist nominee, Noah Kahan.

“I was very alone, in my bedroom with my heating pad on, expecting absolutely nothing at all except just to support my friends who might be in the running,” Abrams shared. “My name was the first that they listed, and it was like I couldn’t feel my body.”

“Noah [Kahan] FaceTimed me immediately, and he’s just the f*cking best ever,” she added. “We kind of were just screaming at each other on the phone like, ‘Let’s pregame and sit with our moms at the awards!’”

After she got off the call with Kahan, it seems that she then spoke to Swift — who received six nominations tied to her 2022 album, Midnights. “I talked to Taylor and we were just screaming at each other over text like, lots of all-caps: Holy f*cking sh*t,” Abrams says of Swift. “And obviously she just deserves all of it, all of it, all of it. In moments of career celebration or any personal crisis, I text her, so to be able to celebrate this one mutually felt so wild.”