Griff Shadowboxes With Herself In The Magnetic ‘One Night’ Video

After releasing her new single “One Night” just a few short days ago, Griff is back with a dance-heavy new video for the magnetic track. Already tapped by giants like Spotify and the BRIT Awards as one of the next big things in pop, this new song just continues to prove her songwriting abilities — and doubles down on the fact that she’s a triple threat. The video alternates between Griff walking through city streets chasing down her shadow, and breaking out into full-fledged dance moves, expertly echoing the song’s tension between living in the past and wanting to move on and focus on healing the self.

At just 20-years-old, Griff — aka Sarah Faith Griffiths — has already had massive hits like her breakout single “Black Hole,” and released her debut EP One Foot In Front Of The Other back in June. “One Night” is a new single that’s not on that project, and more proof that Griff is just getting started. After early support from Spotify, another streaming giant, none other than YouTube, is also throwing their weight behind this young artist. They named her as their latest Artist On The Rise, and usually, they don’t get these kinds of predictions wrong.

Check out her new single above and keep your ears out for a lot more from this young pop star in the making.

Griff is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.