Grimes Posts A Photo At A Plastic Surgeon That Looks Like She Might Have Gotten Her Elf Ear Implants

Just last month, Grimes took to Twitter to ask her followers for recommendations on where she might be able to get elf ear implants. “Still debating this surgery cuz cartilage doesn’t heal so it requires permanent stitches,” she said, noting that this wouldn’t be some short-term modification to her appearance, but that elf ears are in fact, forever. Thousands of people offered their thoughts in replies Grimes, including her ex, Elon Musk, who said, “The downside of elf ear surgery probably outweighs the upside.” Wise words sir.

Well, based on a photograph that Grimes posted to Twitter on Saturday, it seems as though she might have found a plastic surgery clinic that she was comfortable enough with to have them give her those storied elf ear implants. “I did smthn crazy!,” she tweeted, along with a photo of herself (her head, mainly) in what very much looks like a post-surgery recovery state with her head and ears wrapped in a bandage.

Right after that, she tweeted about how she finished her new album and, “…perfected the last song in the plastic surgery clinic cuz they wouldn’t let me leave and we were laughing that this was the most Hollywood moment of all time.” Well then. If there are indeed elf ears under that bandage, this would seem to have been one extremely eventful weekend for Grimes. We’ll just have to wait and see what her ears look like soon. And oh yeah…what that album sounds like too.