Grimes Shared Some Racy Topless Photos On Twitter — Along With A Tech Joke

Grimes had some time on her hands today. The artist and producer, most recently in the news for her breakup with partner Elon Musk, found another way to let the world know she’s single again. “Why be Microsoft when u can be Macrohard?” she wrote in a Tweet this evening, along with photos that reveal her chest and butt. But the photos are still very Grimes, with an abstract silver backdrop and what appears to be a hairnet on her head, along with plenty of face makeup and body chains.

While Instagram has been decidedly anti-nipple in recent years, Twitter seems to have no problem with the musician baring it all. This isn’t the first time in recent memory Grimes has put herself out there in an otherworldly costume. But in that incident, she gained more attention for what she was reading than what she was wearing (although that was weird too). Even Grimes had to admit, in the end, that she didn’t just happen to be out and about reading Karl Marx, and that the photos were staged. But it’s all “Love” for the producer, who continues to respond to the bad press she gets with a certain amount of ambivalence.