Shortly After The Balenciaga Controversy, Gucci Faces Backlash For A Harry Styles Ad With A Child’s Mattress

Recently, Balenciaga found itself in some hot water after a controversial ad campaign, which CBS News describes, “The ads, which were said to be to promote Balenciaga’s plush bear bags, were part of the brand’s holiday campaign. The bears, however, are wearing BDSM gear and are being held by children that appear to be no more than 5 years old. In one of the pictures, a child is also surrounded by what appear to be wine and cocktail glasses.”

Now, Gucci’s promotion of their “HA HA HA” line is coming under similar fire thanks to a recent campaign featuring Harry Styles posing with a toddler-sized mattress. It was first shared back in November but has received increased attention recently.

Gucci called the campaign a “performance piece” and said (as NME notes), “Play is at the very heart of the collection, which uses menswear as a tool of the avant garde. Harry Styles showcase[s] the ‘dream wardrobe’ defined by the eccentric use of romantic accents, whimsical prints, vintage details, and the expressive emotionality of the individual. […] Harry Styles enacts a theatrical piece where classicism meets play, transforming the wardrobe into a liberated platform where the masculine can embrace vanity.”

Among those not pleased with the campaign is Alexandra Gucci Zarini, the great-granddaughter of Gucci founder Guccio Gucci. She tweeted, “Gucci was created to be the most elegant brand with the highest quality product. The direction it seems to be taking now is concerning. The protection of children should always come first and not be laughed at.”

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