Halsey Encountered A ‘Good Luck’ Spider During Her ‘Maxxxine’ Audition That Helped Them Manifest A Part

Earlier this week, Halsey was officially announced as part of the cast for Ti West’s upcoming film, Maxxxine — a continuation of the universe featured in his movies X and Pearl. Now the pop star has opened up about their audition and casting process during her For The Record radio show.

In a true fated story, Halsey spills about discovering a spider that she feels was a sign, working out in their favor for good luck.

“So I went in and I auditioned just like anybody else. And I was in the audition room with the casting agent, and all of a sudden everybody kind of started freaking out a little bit because there was a spider in the room,” Halsey said. “And so I walked over and pick the spider up by its leg and put it in my hand and just took it out the door of the audition room and through the casting agency and out to the front and put it in a bush and then I walked back and everybody was kind of like, ‘Okay, you’re a freak.’”

“But I told them, as some you guys might know, I’m a witch and spiders are good luck, having a spider in the room is good luck, and I told them, this is a great sign for me,” they added. “I’m actually really happy about it because it’s good luck for me. And then it turns out he was, because I ended up getting the part and I was so exited about it. So I have to thank my little spider familiar friend because he did a little extra manifesting to help me get it.”

Because of this, Halsey also shared that they’ve considered getting a tattoo in honor of the little creature that helped her land the role.

Check out the full clip above.