Halsey Gets Stuck Up At A Gas Station In The First Look At Her Starring Role Alongside Sydney Sweeney In ‘Americana’

Months after it was announced that Halsey would be starring alongside Euphoria‘s Sydney Sweeney and Paul Walter Hauser in an upcoming film, Americana, the first video glimpse of the project has been revealed.

The film’s plot centers around Sweeney (playing Penny Jo) and Hauser (playing Lefty) planning to steal a “mythical Native American artifact” from criminals, according to Deadline. However, Halsey’s character, Mandy, winds up stealing it herself.

In the clip, Mandy and Lefty are having an awkward conversation at a gas station, after he pulls his truck up to them filling up the car.

“Beautiful day today,” he says, donning a big cowboy hat. “Still, they say it might rain. Any big weekend plans?”

Mandy, aka Halsey, interrupts. “Hey buddy, today is not the f*cking day,” she says. Their outfit is definitely rock-inspired, including a Joan Jett-era wig. Then, Sweeney’s Penny Jo comes out of nowhere, sticking a gun to Halsey’s back.

“Do you have the artifact?” she asks.

After several witnesses come out of the gas station into the parking lot, Mandy is able to easily get away in her car. “F*ck you,” they reply. “Shoot me.”

Directed by Tony Tost, Americana is set to premiere at SXSW this Friday (March 17). “It’s one of my favorite scenes because none of these characters are smooth, experienced criminals in the slightest, and I love how Sydney, Paul, and Halsey all play their desperate intentions and discomfort to quietly comedic effect,” Tost told the publication.

Watch the first clip of Halsey in Americana above.