Harry Styles Was Hit In The Face During His ‘Love On Tour’ Concert Stop In Vienna After A Fan Hurled An Object Onto The Stage

Harry Styles is vying to be the crown of pop music. However, the “Satellite” singer’s biggest fight has nothing to do with the music charts. During his Love On Tour concert stop in Vienna, Austria, Styles was hit in the face after a fan hurled an object onto the stage. In a video of the incident, the musician can seen being struck directly in the eye, disorientating him. Stunned by what happened, Styles stopped in his tracks before leaving the stage.

Fans chimed in the comment section to share their disgust with the concert attendee’s actions. One user wrote, “This makes me so angry, dawg. Come on guys, stop throwing sh*t on stage.”

Harry Styles Hit On Stage 07082023-1

Another penned, “Whoever you are, just know I don’t care if it was by accident or intentional…you don’t deserve him.”

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Another person posted, “Bro, wtf is wrong with people? They need to start banning things at concerts if people can’t handle themselves properly.”

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The Grammy Award winner joins the absurdly long list of entertainers to deal with unruly crowds. Drake, Bebe Rexha, and Kelsea Ballerina have all been assaulted while performing. Alas, this isn’t the first time an incident such as this has happened to Styles. Earlier in the tour’s run, one fan threw a chicken nugget at him, then asked for it back.