Here’s A Timeline Of Harry Styles And Taylor Russell’s Rumored Relationship

Harry Styles finished his two-year-long Love On Tour in Italy on July 22. In bidding it farewell, Styles wrote to his fans on his Instagram Story, in part, “Look after each other, I’ll see you again when the time is right.” Oh, Harry. You know better than this. Your fans look after you at all times, and seeing you with the actress Taylor Russell has only guaranteed that they won’t look away.

June 2023: First Spotting

According to People, Styles and Russell were first spotted together in June. The publication cited a TikTok from Ella Hodgkinson from June 23 that compiled photos of Styles outside of the White Cube art gallery in London. One photo shows Styles and what appears to be Russell from afar as they approach a car.

July 2023: Love On Tour

The Bones And All actress was then seen in a VIP section at Styles’ Love On Tour stop in Vienna, Austria on July 8, as shown in footage obtained by TMZ. The following day, the rumored couple were the subject of a fan TikTok — showing them (or we’re told it’s them) walking around Vienna. Russell is also alleged to have attended Styles’ Love On Tour finale on July 22, as seen here.

August 2023: Attending Russell’s Play

Come August 9, Page Six and TMZ reported that Styles had attended Russell’s The Effect play at London’s National Theatre and fueled romance rumors at the afterparty by allegedly holding hands. (For those wondering, yes, famed Harry Styles Third Wheel James Corden was with them.)

“We’re told Harry left the shindig after a while, jumping into the back of a car by himself while carrying Taylor’s stuff,” TMZ relayed at the time. “However, sources say Harry’s ride pulled up to the stage door not long after, with Taylor jumping in the back seat before pulling off.”

On August 30, The Face published an interview with Russell, and the 29-year-old was asked if she trusts people easily and what makes her feel safe.

“It comes and goes,” Russell said. “It’s something that has been a big part of my life this past year. I mean, it’s been a big part of my life since I can remember, because I really want to live an open life and meet somebody and be real and honest and truthful with them. You can’t really live an open life if you aren’t sharing of yourself while you ask another person to share of themselves with you.”

She continued, “But I’ve found it increasingly harder to do that, and I’m trying to challenge myself in that way right now. My experience the past couple of years, [with] people I’ve really trusted, things weren’t held in a way that I would’ve appreciated them to be held. And so, that has changed things in me a little bit.”

Within her answer, Russell touched on how moving to London has shifted her perspective, noting that she’d thought to herself, “You know what, Taylor, this is a new place. You’re not in America, not in Canada. You have to open up and allow people to know you. You’re going to be in a community of people that are going to be there for you. You have to allow them to know you. If something happens, something happens, that’s life. You are going to be hurt – that’s the tax. The tax on a real relationship is the reality that you will get hurt, you will [have] grief, something will be lost at some point and that’s OK. It’s worth it.”

September 2023: Holding Hands In London

This week, Styles and Russell were photographed out and about in London, holding hands and very small coffees. Without any facts or knowledge of these two people, it would appear that Russell is reaping the rewards of opening herself up to someone. (And for those wondering, Styles has also been spotted at least three times with Corden in the last month — riding bikes and on a very small boat).