The Influential Pop Music Videos That Are Still Having An Impact In 2019

As the world of music videos gets more detailed, expansive, and self-directed, it’s still important to look back on the iconic videos of decades past, paying homage to the visuals that came before our modern era, where everyone has a video phone in their pocket. There are plenty of extremely important rock and hip-hop videos in American culture, and yes, country videos have their own, special place in the music world, but let’s be real, pop videos of yesteryear take the cake when it comes to nostalgia and influence.

From the unstoppable choreography of Beyonce and gone-before-their-time legends like Prince to the lascivious, sweetly sinfulness of Katy Perr and the lasting influence of Madonna, here are 11 videos from the pop world that are still impacting culture, even decades later. This is by no means a comprehensive list, and it is decidedly not ranked. Instead, it’s chronologically arranged so you can travel back in time as you go.