Jack Antonoff Thinks Taylor Swift’s 10-Minute ‘All Too Well’ Teaches An Important Lesson

Taylor Swift’s new 10-minute version of “All Too Well” made history a few weeks ago when it became the longest song to ever go No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Jack Antonoff, who produced the recording, thinks there’s a big lesson to be had from that.

In a recent interview with Relix, he said:

“You’ve gotta love those moments and hold them close. My initial response was to call out everyone in the industry who told me that no one has attention spans anymore. By the way, the lesson from that isn’t to go make a 10-minute song: The lesson from that is don’t f*cking listen to what the industry says. I mean, it happens time and time again. Can you imagine 20 years ago, someone telling you that trap was gonna be the biggest genre at some point? It’s insane.”

He then also took a moment to shout out a trend he’s noticed emerging in the UK and one artist in particular, saying, “It’s like there’s a thing I love that’s happening in the UK right now which has these sort of Lou Reed-esque spoken word verses with super melodic choruses that all these bands are doing. There’s a specific artist named Self Esteem, who I love. So it’s coming hard and that’s not something you would’ve expected X amount of years ago. Industry predictions on art is an absurd concept and it takes all the joy out of everything. The whole excitement of art and music and live performance and record making is we have no f*cking clue what’s gonna happen next.”

Check out the full Antonoff interview here.