Kim Kardashian Names Her Favorite Ye Album And Says She ‘Really Likes’ Taylor Swift’s Songs

Kim Kardashian is the guest on the latest episode of the Honestly With Bari Weiss podcast (as Billboard points out), and towards the end of the conversation, she spoke about two of the most prominent folks with whom she’s been associated in one way or another: Ye (aka Kanye West) and Taylor Swift.

In a series of rapid-fire questions to close out the interview, Kardashian was asked what her favorite Ye album is. She responded, “Ooh… I really like Yeezus just because it’s like… you know, when you’re there and you’re in it and you’re… you know what I mean? You see it from start to finish. I really love My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy also.”

Weiss’ next question was asking what Kardashian’s favorite Taylor Swift album is and Kardashian responded, “I mean, I really like a lot of her songs. They’re all super cute and catchy. I’d have to look in my phone to get a name.”

Elsewhere in that lightning round, she was asked who her favorite Saturday Night Live cast member is, a question that Weiss presumably included to hint at Kardashian’s reported relationship with Pete Davidson. She answered, “What a setup! What a setup, Bari. You know who it is.”

Beyond that, she was quick to reveal who her favorite celebrity is, saying, “Oh my god, Sara Jessica Parker is the nicest celebrity on the planet.” She also noted of whether she aspires to be a politician, “As of right now, no. It’s nothing that I would think of or want to get into. I understand the responsibility and it’s an extremely hard job, and I don’t know if I’d ever want that.”

Listen to the episode above, with the aforementioned questions starting at about 50:40 into the podcast.