Jason Aldean Reportedly Made A Major Change To His Controversial ‘Try That In A Small Town’ Video Since Its Release

Jason Aldean’sTry That In A Small Town” is currently No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, but the song has received some significant negative attention due to its allegedly racist video. The visual as it exists on YouTube today, though, apparently isn’t the same as it was when it was originally uploaded on July 14.

The Washington Post reports the video is now six seconds shorter than it was when it was uploaded, and that it “no longer contains a news clip from Fox 5 Atlanta depicting violent confrontations during Black Lives Matter demonstrations in 2020 and subsequent protests in January.” The publication also notes that “portions of that clip appeared twice in the original music video,” and that while it’s “unclear when exactly the video was edited,” “numerous changes appear to have been made since last week.”

They also report, “The final 30 seconds of the original video featured idyllic rural footage including a man in a baseball cap and sunglasses looking into the sun, and an older man speaking about small-town values while sitting in a wheelchair. Neither clip appears in the new version.”

The publication notes they got no responses when reaching out to YouTube, Fox 5, or TackleBox (the production company behind the video) about the video.