JoJo’s Poignant Single ‘The Change’ Is Joe Biden’s Official Campaign Anthem

The presidential election is right around the corner and many musicians are using their large platforms to urge young people to cast their ballots. Artists like Taylor Swift and Tyler The Creator have expressed the importance of voting and now, JoJo is lending her voice to call for progress on the the poignant track “The Change.”

Not only is “The Change” JoJo’s latest single following her comeback record Good To Know, but it was also chosen to be Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ official campaign anthem. Written by Diane Warren, the song’s message states that one must look within before starting to make any meaningful changes.

“I’m gonna be the change / I’m gonna start with my heart / I’m gonna be the light, be that light, my own light,” JoJo sings over an orchestral swell.

In a statement about writing the track, Warren said: “I am honored and humbled that Joe Biden has chosen to feature my song ‘The Change’ as part of the Get Out the Vote effort in this critical election. ‘The Change’ is a song about how change begins with us. We live in a time where a change is needed now more than ever. I hope this song inspires us all to realize that each one of us has the power to change the world.”

Echoing Warren’s statement, Jojo praised the songwriter: “Diane Warren is one of the most prolific songwriters of any generation, and over the years she has become a friend and mentor. When she sent me ‘The Change’ a few weeks ago, I felt passionately about being the voice to bring her song to life. I always try to use my voice for good, but it’s especially meaningful to be singing these words at a time when our country needs to hear them more than ever. For the song to be chosen by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as their ‘campaign anthem’ is an absolute honor. I hope it can help make a difference.”

Listen to “The Change” above.

JoJo is a Warner Music artist. .