Justin Bieber Said He’ll Debut A New Song Called ‘Anyone’ During His New Year’s Eve Show

Justin Bieber has been having a very productive 2020, pandemic be damned.

Releasing a new album, Changes this spring before the world was put on hold due to concerns about the spread of COVID-19, Justin has followed up that record with a string of new singles that are more than just impressive — they’re self-reflective. On the joyous, gospel-infused “Holy,” with Chance The Rapper, he celebrates his new marriage to Hailey Baldwin, and on the more sorrowful “Lonely,” with Benny Blanco, he looks back on just how much celebrity impacted his childhood. Both are great examples of Bieber doing what he does best, speaking plainly about what’s important to him and how he’s been hurt in the past.

A few weeks ago, he released more new music, a collaboration with Shawn Mendes on the gloomy track “Monster” that’s part of Shawn’s new album, Wonder, and according to a social media post today, he has yet another new song on the way. Planning to perform at the virtual New Year’s Eve event, Bieber let fans know that he’d be debuting a new single called “Anyone” during the show tomorrow night.

And of course, eagle-eyed Justin fans remembered that back in April, he discussed recording the song and found the clip:

Tune in tomorrow to see where this song fits in with his other new material.