Shawn Mendes And Justin Bieber Confront Their Inner ‘Monster’ For An Eerie Pop Collaboration

Shawn Mendes has been on the up and up lately, with the new single “Wonder,” a thriving relationship with fellow pop star Camilla Cabello, and a new album on the horizon set for release the first week of December. His last self-titled album released in 2018 was a smash hit with critics, and he’s definitely looking to follow that up with Wonder.

Also on the up and up lately? Justin Bieber. His new pair of singles, “Holy” featuring Chance The Rapper and “Lonely” featuring Benny Blanco are both pretty astounding, the former is super loved up and the latter is full of so much earnest yearning, not a subject we’ve heard a lot from Bieber. All this to say, they’re both in a good place leading up to tonight’s collaboration, “Monster,” and though these two Canadian pop stars have a lot in common, they haven’t worked together before.

“Monster,” which is the second single off Shawn’s forthcoming album, is basically a song that stays in the same lane as “Lonely,” reflecting on the pressures of fame that both of these stars have faced at a young age. The downtempo track is full of falsettos and harmonies, the things these two do best. Right now, America’s sweethearts are these two Canadians, and their new song lets us know just how hard being up on that pedestal is. Listen above.