K-Pop Star CL Honors Her Late Mother In The Heartbreaking Slow Jam ‘Wish You Were Here’

K-pop fans are more than familiar with CL (born Lee Chae-rin), one of the rising stars in the genre. But today the pop star is opening up her personal life a bit more to show fans what she’s been going through recently. Today marks CL’s 30th birthday and she marked the occasion by releasing a song she wrote about her mother’s passing. The emotional new track, aptly titled “Wish You Were Here,” is a tribute to the love and tenderness her mother shared when they were together, and expresses how much CL misses the relationship. It’s in the realm of slow jam territory, with beautiful synths and quiet percussion.

With a subtle nod to what they used to listen to together — “the playlist we made / A bit of old school jazz and our favorite Stevie” — CL also released her own playlist so fans can listen along if they’d like right here.

In the clip, old footage from CL’s childhood is incorporated with newer shots of where she’s at today. The K-Pop star was infamously part of one of the most successful girl groups in the world, 2NE1, and has released a number of solo singles that broke global records. Her 2015 single “Lifted” made her the first female Korean solo artist to chart on the Billboard Hot 100, and since her 2019 EP In The Name Of Love she’s been readying her debut album. Reportedly titled Alpha, the album is slated for release sometime this year.

It’s unclear if “Wish You Were Here” will be part of the release or is just intended as emotional catharsis. Either way, it’s a beautiful homage to a loving relationship. Watch above.