Kacey Musgraves Tapped Into Her Emotional Strength In A ‘Too Good To Be True’ Performance On ‘SNL’

In her second performance of the night, Kacey Musgraves shared her latest single “Too Good To Be True” from her upcoming album Deeper Well on the Saturday Night Live stage.

During the performance, Musgraves played her acoustic guitar, letting her vivid lyricism take front and center. Over the course of the song, she details falling in love after experiencing a harrowing heartbreak.

Deeper Well arrives at a new stage in Musgraves’ life. Since her previous album, Star-Crossed, Musgraves has gone through divorce, and has since quit smoking weed. In an interview with The Cut, she expressed gratitude for the lessons she’s learned throughout these phases of her life.

“I don’t regret living and loving as hard as I do,” Musgraves said. “Whenever I’m in a relationship, I’m all f*cking in. I think that hesitancy breeds hesitancy, and if you go in with something with one foot, it’s going to fail. After divorce, it’s like on one hand I do want to self-protect, but at the same time, if your heart is feeling open, I think you have to just show up for it. I’m still trying to figure out the balance of that.”

You can see the performance of “Too Good To Be True” above.

Deeper Well is out 3/15 via Interscope and MCA Nashville. Find more information here.