Watch Kacey Musgraves’ Fiery Performance Of ‘Star Crossed’ At The 2021 VMAs

Fresh off the release of her brand new album, Star Crossed – which is another classic following up her massive breakout Golden Hour — Kacey Musgraves graced the VMAs stage for the first time tonight. For a cinematic performance in front of a blazing, flaming heart, Kacey wore a simple white dress to deliver her first live rendition of the album’s woozy title track. Though it’s the first time Kacey has graced MTV’s stage for this award show, it’s not surprising that she was selected to perform this year.

Though Musgraves started out firmly in the country genre, which is generally relegated to the sister network CMT instead of crossing over onto MTV itself, she’s since managed to become a full-fledged pop phenomenon. Even if there are traces of folk and country on her new record, it leans more in the direction of pop songwriting and psych-rock, which lands it firmly in the MTV camp. Plus, she accompanied the record release with a short film of the same name, making the visual components of this roll out a bigger factor than ever before. If that doesn’t qualify her for the Video Music Awards, then I don’t know what else could. Check out her performance above.