Kelly Clarkson’s New ‘I Hate Love’ Song Has A Surprise Banjo Feature From A Famous Actor

Despite what the title might suggest, Kelly Clarkson‘s new song “I Hate Love” features a surprisingly pleasant guest. None other than actor Steve Martin appears as a feature on the track, with him lending it his banjo.

Clarkson had previously seen videos of Martin playing on social media and really wanted to work with him on a song. “I was like, ‘I know that sounds crazy,’” Clarkson told Billboard. “[My producer] Jesse Shatkin was like, ‘I think it sounds rad.’

“I generally don’t ask because I get very nervous about bothering people,” she added. “But literally, within hours, [we] got an answer: ‘Oh my God, he’d love to, when are you recording it?’”

While Martin and Clarkson deliver a very fun and unique collaboration, the two multitalented stars have yet to actually meet in person, even with the American Idol alum‘s decades of working in the business.

“My ideal moment is him coming on my show and then us performing it — but I’ll take just him coming on my show so we can talk and hang out so I can, like, meet him,” she said.

The track also follows Clarkson’s handful of previous releases ahead of her upcoming album, Chemistry, which drops later this month.

Check out Kelly Clarkson’s “I Hate Love” feat. Steve Martin above.

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