Kelly Clarkson Said She Is Finally Releasing Her New Album This Year, And Explained Why It Took So Long

It looks like a new Kelly Clarkson is arriving this year. In an Instagram live stream on The Kelly Clarkson Show‘s account, she shared so many details about the album.

“I have an album coming out this year. I swear,” she said. “I know I’ve been talking about it, but look, I’m going to be really honest with you.”

This upcoming album would mark her eighth album, and her first in six years, not including her holiday albums. This also marks her first album since divorcing her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock in 2021.

“It took a minute for me to be able to release this album,” Clarkson continued. “Because I just had to be over it, through it, all around it. I had to get past it in order to talk about it.”

While it’s certainly been a long time since she released an album, Clarkson admitted that she’s glad she spent a long time working on the project, and said that one of the last songs she wrote may end up being one of the singles.

Though she did not directly mention her divorce during the live stream, she said that the album tells the story of a relationship arc.

“It’s not all sad or bad, but it’s in there,” she said.

Elsewhere in the stream, Clarkson said that the photoshoot for the album was the most fun she ever had on set.

She concluded the stream apologizing to Atlantic Records for divulging so many details about the upcoming record.

You can watch Clarkson’s recorded live stream above.

Kelly Clarkson is a Warner Music artist. .