Kelly Clarkson Turns In A Rock-Forward Cover Of The Weeknd’s ‘Take My Breath’

While Kelly Clarkson came to fame through her music, over the past few years, she has carved out a space for herself on TV on shows like The Voice and her own The Kelly Clarkson Show. She hasn’t left music behind, though. Obviously, The Voice is a music-focused program, and her show regularly features a “Kellyoke” segment, in which she busts out a cover of a popular song. This has yielded some strong performances over the past couple years and today brings another one with Clarkson covering The Weeknd’s recent Dawn FM single “Take My Breath.”

Right away, Clarkson and her band set this rendition of the song apart from the original by putting a more rock-leaning guitar riff front and center. They keep those vibes up throughout the song while also working some of the track’s recognizable synth sounds into the mix.

Meanwhile, also on today’s show, Clarkson spoke with Alana Haim and the conversation turned towards them discussing the times they’ve split their pants while performing.

The Weeknd’s music has become a bit of a staple of the “Kellyoke” series, as Clarkson covered “Can’t Feel My Face” in 2019 and sang “Call Out My Name” a few months ago. Meanwhile, The Weeknd is certainly aware of Clarkson, as he name-dropped her with a reference to The 40-Year-Old Virgin on his 2009 song “Birthday Suit,” singing, “Girl, you already know the best damn part is / Get you on your back, wax you like Kelly Clarkson.”

Watch Clarkson sing “Take My Breath” above.