The Weeknd Shares His ‘103.5 Dawn FM’ Livestream Event In Full

At midnight ET on January 7, The Weeknd released his latest album, Dawn FM. At that very same time, he hosted a livestream event, “103.5 Dawn FM,” for which he put on a live show in Los Angeles, playing the whole album from front to back. When the event was announced, The Weeknd said of it, “The power of the 103.5 Dawn FM experience is that maximum fulfillment comes when all who hear it are tuned in at the same time.”

So, while the window for maximum fulfillment has come and gone, fans who missed out on the livestream now have the chance for at least some fulfillment: Today, The Weeknd shared the full “103.5 Dawn FM” livestream on YouTube. During the performance, The Weeknd, in the gray-haired old man look he’s sported for much of the Dawn FM era so far, stands behind an illuminated table on a raised platform as fans watch and dance on the floor below, with The Weeknd playing the role of DJ (fitting considering the album’s radio themes) all the while.

Meanwhile, The Weeknd recently indicated that Dawn FM is actually part of a new trilogy, writing on Twitter, “i wonder… did you know you’re experiencing a new trilogy?”

Watch the full show above.