Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Mine’ Features A Viral Misheard Lyric That Had Troye Sivan Wondering If He ‘Upset’ Her

Kelly Clarkson has fans laughing today, after the talk show host and musician responded to a viral clip of Troye Sivan reacting to a video of her.

The bit started because, during the performance of her latest song, “Mine,” it sounds like she’s singing, “Troye Sivan / Who the hell do you think you are?” instead of the regular line, “Your choice of art / Who the hell do you think you are?.”

“What did I do to upset Kelly Clarkson?” Sivan asks in the TikTok before it cuts to Clarkson singing the lyric. “@Kellyclarkson, drop your location im ready to fight,” he captioned.

“This part kinda slays though. Imagine I make this my theme song where every time I walk out somewhere, they have to play this part?” he jokingly added in another video.


😍😍😍 @kellyclarkson

♬ original sound – Troye Sivan

Clarkson eventually caught notice of his post, as she reshared it to her social media. “Troye Sivan, you know what you did!” she poked back lovingly.

Others in her comments also definitely hear what Sivan had heard, as they point out that now you won’t be able to unlisten. “Oh this is amazing and now millions and millions will sing his name when we pretend to be Kelly driving down the freeway,” one person commented.

“Well now you have to have him on your show to hash this out,” another added, referencing The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Check out Kelly Clarkson’s “Mine” video reaction from Troye Sivan above.

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