Kesha’s ‘Gag Order’ Album Will Drop This May And Is The Singer’s ‘Most Intimate’ Project She’s ‘Ever Created’

Kesha found great success earlier in her career as one of the most infectious pop acts. Even her more recent tracks, like “Chasing Rainbows” with Big Freedia and “My Own Dance,” highlight the different elements that made her a lovable music star. But she can do more than fun dance singles, as see her cover of Rihanna’s song “Umbrella.”

On her forthcoming album, Gag Order, slated to drop on May 19, Kesha will show that there are still sides to the recording artist that fans haven’t heard yet. The bar has been set high, with Rick Rubin as the primary producer and Kesha herself as the executive producer.

During an interview with Rolling Stone, Kesha spoke about the creative process, saying, “I feel like I’m giving birth to the most intimate thing I’ve ever created,” adding, “It’s scary being vulnerable. The fact that I have compiled an entire record of these emotions, of anger, of insecurity, of anxiety, of grief, of pain, of regret, all of that is so nerve-racking — but it’s also so healing.”

When discussing the themes sprinkled throughout the album, the singer told Nylon, “I wanted to make an album that sounds the way my head feels. Dipping in and out of depression, gratitude, rage, and hope. Always moving.”

Gag Order is out 5/19 via Kemosabe/RCA Records. For more information, click here.