Labrinth Explained How His New Collaboration With Billie Eilish Came To Fruition

Billie Eilish fans were right when they suspected that the “Bad Guy” singer was hinting at a collaboration with Labrinth, who’s most known for doing the Euphoria soundtrack. “Never Felt So Alone” came out today, and the song proves the pair’s dark chemistry.

Labrinth typically creates unsettling, brooding atmospheres, which Eilish’s voice sounds perfect within. It makes sense that he, real name Timothy Lee McKenzie, talked about being a fan of Eilish in an interview with Eddie Francis on Apple Music 1’s New Music Daily show, according to Billboard.

“I’ve been a fan of Billie for a long time,” McKenzie revealed. “I think she’s an amazing artist. I remember Noah [Cyrus] was doing some of the same shows Billie was in that time, and everybody kept on coming back talking about this Billie Eilish girl.”

“Then I think the first time I heard her on a record was ‘Bury a Friend,” he continued, adding that he’d met Finneas years prior. “And I was just like, ‘This is a sick record.'”

So naturally, he thought Eilish would fit on “Never Felt So Alone.”

“Once I started piecing the song together, I was just like, “Do you know what? I think this is the moment where I think Billie would be a sick addition,'” he said. “When we spoke, she was like, ‘Lab, I’ve been listening to your music for years.” I was like, ‘What?’ It was like, ‘Billie? What? You?’ She was like, ‘Yeah, been a fan.’ She was like, ‘I love this song as well, so I would love to do it with you.'”