Lana Del Rey Previewed A New Song, ‘Watercolor Eyes,’ In A ‘Euphoria’ Trailer

We’ve had no shortage of new music from Lana Del Rey lately, who followed up her widely-acclaimed 2019 record, Norman F*cking Rockwell, with not one but two new albums last year — Chemtrails Over The Country Club in the spring and Blue Banisters last fall. Still, despite her recent prolific output, it seems like Lana is still fully in creative mode, making new music and getting ready to release it.

At least, that’s what a new trailer for Euphoria suggests. The teaser for next week’s episode — yes, we’ve reached full saturation of teaser culture — features a new song from Del Rey. So far, all the info about the song seems to be confined to rumors, but it is reportedly called “Watercolor Eyes,” and will mark Lana’s first collaboration with producer and songwriter Nasri. In the clip, you can hear a few lyrics from the song, along the lines of “making love, just to make me mad” and “love don’t always last forever.” So Lana is very much staying on trend with her most common themes.

Check out a snippet of the song below, and keep an ear out for the song’s debut in the next episode of Euphoria, which will air on January 23.