Lana Del Rey Is ‘Very Excited’ About An Album Announcement That’s Coming Next Week

Lana Del Rey doesn’t wait much time in between albums. After putting out the critically-acclaimed Norman F*cking Rockwell, the singer unveiled Chemtrails Over The Country Club and Blue Banisters the following year. Now, it seems like she’s ready to give her fans even more material.

A clip has been circulating social media, depicting an interview with HOLA TV in which she says: “I won’t tell you when it’s coming out, but I can tell you I’m making an announcement about it on the 7th, so what do we have, a week? Seven days? I’m very excited.” This means we have to keep an eye out on December 7.

In October, the “Summertime Sadness” performer shared with fans that her backpack was stolen, which contained her laptop, camcorders, and hard drives of material she had been working on. “Despite that, people are still able this week to remotely access my phone and leak our songs and personal photos,” she explained. “I just want to mention that despite all of this happening, I am confident in the record to come. And despite so many safety factors in so many different levels, I really want to persist and make the best art I can.”