Lizzo Is Launching Her Own Inclusive Shapewear Collection, Yitty, That Goes Up To Size 6X

Lizzo has long been an advocate for the experience of plus size women, and all those living in a larger body. There’s been such a stigma and intense amount of fatphobia and hatred around fat bodies that sometimes it’s hard to remember all the progress we’ve already made in the area. For instance, plenty of brands have been called out for not having inclusive sizing, and in response, plenty of DTC clothing brands for women have changed their standard sizing to go up as high as 3X. As always, Lizzo is doing one better — make that three better.

Today she launched a new line of shapewear called Yitty in partnership with Fabletics. The brand is named for Lizzo’s childhood nickname. Her shapewear goes from size XS all the way up to size 6X, a size that while incredibly common, is extremely difficult to find. Lizzo recently teased the launch in a revealing Instagram post, calling it her “biggest thing YET. Bigger than anything I’ve ever done” and noting that it was “3 years in the making.”

In a post from earlier today, Lizzo called the line “a love letter to my big grrrls” She wrote: This is a love letter to my big grrrls, and a welcome letter to Every Body. This is *not* an invitation to change who you are… this is an opportunity to BE who you are on your terms. I don’t know about y’all— but I’m sick of people telling me how I’m supposed to look and feel about my body. I’m tired of discomfort being synonymous with sexy. If it’s uncomfortable TAKE IT OFF. And if it makes you feel good PUT IT ON. @YITTY isn’t just shapewear, it’s your chance to reclaim your body and redefine your beauty standard. I love y’all—I’m going live today and will answer any questions or feelings y’all have for me.”

“Instead of thinking about size in this linear way, we’re thinking about it on a spectrum where everyone is included,” the brand said in a statement. “Everyone’s size is just their size. It’s not high, it’s not low. It’s not big, it’s not small. It’s just your size.” In a press release, Lizzo said she had an epiphany when it came to the brand. “I was tired of seeing this sad, restrictive shapewear that literally no-one wanted to wear. I had an epiphany like, ‘who can actually do something about this?’ I decided to take on the challenge of allowing women to feel unapologetically good about themselves again.”

So far, Yitty is launching three distinct collection: Mesh Me, Nearly Naked and Major Label that are respectively described as “super bossy, super soft, super YITTY.” To learn more about the brand, check out their website here. The brand officially goes live April 12.