Lorde Drank So Much With Seth Meyers That She Needed An IV Drip

One of the most entertaining recurring segments on Late Night is “Day Drinking With Seth Meyers,” for which Meyers and a guest spend the day imbibing a bevy of beverages while engaging in alcohol-fueled fun. Meyers has done the segment with guests like Rihanna, The Jonas Brothers, and Kelly Clarkson. It was reported a few days ago that Meyers was filming another installment in the series with Lorde, and now that segment has been revealed.

It turns out that Lorde had a harsh recovery: In an interview filmed after her and Meyers’ day out, she told the host, “I almost can’t even talk about it. I can’t look at an alcoholic drink ever again. It was insane. […] You did kind of destroy me, and I had to get a very pop star thing: an IV drip [laughs]. Someone came to my hotel and administered fluids to my corpse.”

As for the segment itself, it was a hoot, as the pair mixed drinks based on Lorde’s songs, went over some New Zealand and New England slang, and were increasingly full of laughs as the day went on.

Elsewhere on the program, Lorde perform her new single “Stoned At The Nail Salon,” so check out some clips from the episode above and below.