Lorde’s Apparent Phoebe Bridgers- And Clairo-Featuring Single Temporarily Hit Streaming Services

Lorde is notoriously tight-lipped with any updates about her upcoming projects. But her fans are less patient when it comes to her first new music in four years. So when Lorde temporary uploaded and then removed her new song “Solar Power” to select streaming services, fans were beside themselves.

On Thursday, Lorde’s new song “Solar Power” reportedly appeared on Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, and YouTube Music. It was only available for a short period of time before being removed, though, and some lucky fans were able to hear it in time.

According to one fan, who was able to catch the song before it was pulled off the internet, the “Solar Power” credits feature some recognizable indie names: Phoebe Bridgers appears in the song’s credits alongside Clairo and Taylor Swift producer Jack Antonoff, who seemingly contributed backup vocals.

Lorde first teased “Solar Power” by sharing its cover art, which features a revealing photo of her in a swimsuit. Rumors about her next album have been circling for months, so when the singer shared the cheeky photo, it was instantly turned into all sorts of hilarious memes. Fans were also quick to make memes about the short-lived nature of “Solar Power,” and they assumed the song was mistakenly leaked by someone on her team.

Lorde has yet to make a statement about the temporary release of her song. But since several fans have already been able to hear “Solar Power,” it’s possible Lorde could be planning on widely releasing it soon.