Mahalia Explains Her Journey From Teen Songwriter To Confident Star On Her Debut, ‘Love And Compromise’

Mahalia is a rising British pop star who is coming off the success of her late-2019 debut album Love And Compromise, the follow-up to her 2016 release Diary Of Me and a string of three other EPs. As a young star who was signed as a teen, it took the singer born Mahalia Burkmar some time to get her bearings as a songwriter, but once she finally did get the confidence, all the pieces fell into place.

Right before a sold-out show in Boston, Mahalia caught up with Songkick for their “Imported” series, talking about the long process that culminated in last year’s release. “I got signed at thirteen — I was just a kid writing music about boys I fancied at school,” she laughs. “I think I’m a really good storyteller, and I really believe in my art, and it’s taken me ten years to be able to say that on camera: I really genuinely think I’m good.”

The world agrees — one track off her new record, “What You Did” featuring fellow rising R&B force Ella Mai has 28 million views on YouTube and Mahalia was recently named YouTube Music’s Artist on the Rise in the UK. She was also nominated for a BRIT Award, the UK version of the Grammys, and in 2020 is continuing to build off warm reception her debut received. Watch her talk about her journey as an artist in the clip above, and check out Cam’ron’s recent remix of “What You Did” here.

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