Cam’ron Lends A Pair Of Verses To Mahalia And Ella Mai To Remix Their ‘What You Did’ Track

Plagued by a few delays, Cam’ron returned with his seventh studio album in Purple Haze 2. The album arrived on the 15th anniversary of its predecessor and also served as his first album in ten years, but in the time period Cam’ron had released a number of mixtapes including 2013’s The Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1 and 2017’s The Program.

While it seemed like Killa Cam would return back to his cave of silence, the east coast rap legend decided to return and lend his vocals to a pop record that uses one of his classic records as its canvas.

UK singer Mahalia collaborated with Ella Mai on “What You Did,” a track from her 2019 album Love And Compromise that also sampled Cam’ron’s 2002 hit, “Oh Boy.” Thanks to the nostalgic sample, the track grew to be one of the album’s standouts tracks. Breathing new life into the song, Cam’ron joins the ladies on the track and lends a pair of verses for an official remix. With Mahalia and Ella Mai’s remaining untouched, Cam’ron gives the song a true Harlem touch as he adds an intro verse to it as well as another one later on to bring the song to a close.

Press play on the video above to hear Cam’ron’s remix.