Maren Morris Was Super Impressed By Stephen Colbert’s Vocals As They Sang The National Anthem Together

Maren Morris has been chasing her music dream since she was a child. During a recent episode of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Morris talked about some of the gigs she performed before making it big. One of the Fort Worth native’s earliest gigs was performing the National Anthem at an “amateur wrestling ring.”

Intrigued by this reveal, Colbert asked Morris “Could I sing the national anthem with you sometime?”

“Sure,” Morris replied.

Morris sang the melody and Colbert sang the harmony — as, evidently, that’s the only part he knows. The two delivered a choral rendition, each of them equally slaying their parts. Morris was visibly impressed by Colbert at moments and even asked him at the end, “Where did that come from?”

Which is a good thing, as this is likely the last music-related thing we’ll get from Morris for awhile. Elsewhere in the interview, Morris, whose last album Humble Quest was released in 2022, revealed she’s taking her time writing her next album.

“There’s a lot of personal stuff right now I’m wading through, processing, writing through,” said Morris. “So, yeah, I’m giving myself the time to do that and not having to rush a very, huge personal thing through an album being delivered. So, yeah, it’s going to take a little bit longer than I had hoped, but I have to trust the process.”

You can see the clip above.